A drinking club with a running problem

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Who Are We

The Hash House Harriers (HHH) are an international drinking club with a running problem. Imagine a pack of hounds chasing a hare who is leaving a trail marked with flour or chalk. Expect checks, songs, true trails, YBFs, and plenty of shouts of “On-On!” to keep the pack together. For some, it is about speed but there is no winning the hash. It’s about the camaraderie, the laughs, and social shenanigans.

Hashers come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of athleticism. Be prepared for a down-down or two. Just follow the marks, find the beer, and you’ll fit right in with this group of halfminds.

Hashing AKA The HASH
started out as a tradition of soldiers stationed in Kuala Lumpur who wanted to blow off steam and would meet at the Hash house (place to grab food on base) and play a running game -hounds and hares- that ended with beer

We meet at a designated location hang out, drink beer and socialize.
-A volunteer (the hare) -sometimes a “voluntold”- leaves with a 15 minute head start.
-The Hare leaves clues in flour/chalk, hides beer for the group to find.-
-The group works together to follow the clues and have a good time singing dirty songs, making ridiculous rules, and be outside.
-Eventually we will meet together at the end ON-IN.
-We will gather together for more traditions, more singing , more jokes, and more drinks.
-On the occasion we wrap up and people want to grab food together we can announce a ON- After where we can keep the party going and or get our bellies filled.

Come out ready to have a laugh, get some exercise, and not take yourself too seriously.

Our Kennels

Learn more about the Hash House Harrier kennels in Utah.