Utah’s Collection of Hash House harrier kennels

We are The reason your parents told you not to run with strangers

  • Wasatch H3
  • Lotsa Damn Shiggy (LDS) H3
  • SL, UT Discovery H3
  • Salt Lake Old School (SLOSH) H3
  • Fair Weather H3
  • Missionary Position BASH

Wasatch H3

Wasatch H3 was the founding hash in Salt Lake City, Utah – celebrating over 30 years! This kennel likes to mix things up – expect to see short trails, long trails, theme events, bar crawls, and destination hiking.

Come out ready to have a laugh, get some exercise, and not take yourself too seriously, we don’t expect you to run the whole time.

Trails every other Saturday

Lotsa Damn Shiggy H3

LDSH3 takes its traditions from Siete Cerveza (Florida) and Osan Bulgogi (Korea) H3s and strives to create a wonderful and memorable hashing experience for all members. By wonderful, we mean you’ll get beer and by memorable, we mean trails through so much shiggy that the pack is cursing the names of the hares by the end. We run on Thursday nights.
Disclaimer: LDSH3 is in no way at all whatsoever associated with any religion, institution, corporation, or political party… honestly, most of our own mothers won’t even acknowledge us. Your mom, however, loves us.

SL,UT discovery H3

SL,UT Discovery Hash House Harriers (SL,UT-DH3) was founded by Improper Cleanse in his 2013th year in Salt Lake Shitty, Utard. Seeded in an epic coupling of Wasatch H3 and Lotsa Damn Shiggy H3, and carried in the fertile womb of LDSH3 until birthed into the ample SL,UT shiggy.

Trails are pick-up style. Locations chosen by the Hare-Raiser. Hares are selected by a spin of the Sacred Bottle.

Trails on or near every full moon.





Salt Lake Old School Hash. Classic, old-school hashing.

Trails on Sunday once per month.


Fun and events like Hash Prom.

Missionary Position BASH

Bike and snowshoe hash.

Trails once a quarter.