Make Your Way

Attention visiting hashers and/or road whores: If you’ll only be able to join us for one or two trails, and would prefer not to create a new membership with yet another social site in order to hash with us, please email for trail info.  We will reply quickly.

Virgins (new to hashing): don’t be discouraged if you don’t see many RSVPs on our events here.  This group serves primarily for those just finding us and/or not interested in joining the Facebook group listed below.

Primer and Guidelines

So you’re interested in Hashing. Maybe it’s because you’ve seen strange chalk markings on roads, or flour on trails. Or perhaps you noticed a group of people senselessly running around in kilts. Though most likely, it’s because a hasher’s silver tongue convinced you to consider trying it out…

Hash House Harriers?

According to Webster:

● hash house (slang), n., A cheap restaurant.
● harrier, n., 1. Any of an English breed of dog used for hunting rabbits.

2. A cross-country runner.

According to Us:

Started in Kuala Lumpur by a group of British expats, “Hashing” is a worldwide group self-described as a “Drinking club with a running problem” with thousands of chapters (kennels), all over the world. Hashing is often said to be the dark side of running with traditions encouraging imbibing of alcohol, socializing, vulgar traditions, and anti-competition. In one sentence: we are on a scavenger hunt for beer. We (the pack) follow a trail laid by a runner given a short lead (the hare) consisting of various marks in an effort to find the nectar of the gods: Beer. On the way we’ll sing profane songs, be lewd, act stupid, and maybe even run a bit.

All peoples of all ages (21+ obviously) and fitness levels are welcome. We have serious r*nners and many folks that just walk.

I’m in. What should I do?

  • Show up! The pack will typically gather for 30 minutes before “Hares off.” Typically weekend trails are 2:00 PM with hares off at 2:30 PM, and weekday trails 6:00 PM with hares off at 6:30 PM.
  • Sign in to the book and pay hash cash which is typically $5. (Hash cash is not required if this is your very first hash.)
  • Say hello! (Assuming we don’t first.) Don’t be too surprised that no one goes by our real names. Until you yourself are named at an indeterminate time, you will be known as Just <First Name>. e.g. Just John, Just Jane, etc.
  • Chalk talk. Wondering what all those silly marks on the ground are? Worry not. They will be explained to you before we go.
  • Introductions. That’s a lot of people and names to remember. When virgins are present we’ll usually go around the circle before the trail begins and call names so that you might better know the weirdos you’re getting involved with.

Fair enough. Trail is about to start. Any other things I need to know?

  • Loosen your tie, open your mind, and forget your ego. Hashing tends to draw white-collar workers who treat the hash as a means of escape where they don’t have to act like upstanding adults for a few hours. Don’t obstruct that catharsis.
  • Our brand of humor is purposefully childish, vulgar, inane, puerile, immature, sleazy, and highly sexual.
  • We do not stress about religion, politics, sexuality, or other topics of controversy, and are like to make fun of them just as well. Nothing is sacred. Everything can and will be made to be the butt of a joke.
  • Anonymity is key as many hashers would prefer not to let hashing invade their personal/professional life. As such it is discouraged to address anyone by their mother given (nerd, muggle, civilian) name.
  • We are anti-competition. While we have hashers ranging from slow-walkers to ultra-marathoners, we are hashing first to socialize and imbibe the nectar of the gods.
  • Don’t look at your cell phone or otherwise use “tech on trail.” The only person who should have their cell phone out is the designated “Hash Flash” who will be taking pictures for “future blackmail purposes.” Again, we’re here first to socialize. Our company should be enough without anyone needing to augment it by sexting your gender-confused friend-with-benefits.
  • Don’t point with your finger. We don’t know where that finger’s been. Or worse, we do. Point instead with your elbow.
  • You are participating in an adult activity and are expected to conduct yourself accordingly. D​o not confuse subtle sexual innuendo, obvious sexual innuendo, nudity, or any other sexual suggestion as being the same as any sort of sexual consent, be it talking or touching! Clearly communicate your boundaries and respect the boundaries of other hashers regardless of what you see other people doing. Remember, you are likely to observe behavior shared amongst people who have been a familial unit for a long time. Behave as though you are a welcome guest in our house and treat strangers as you would treat strangers.

Lecture over. Have fun! In fact, fun is mandatory! That’s why we’re all here, and few have more fun than we do!


PDF version (Has more information as well as an excellent section about consent)

*By joining, I understand that “Hashing” is an activity which involves running, walking, climbing, and crawling on all types of terrain and under all types of conditions, including but not limited to, darkness, heat, cold, rain, mud, and snow. I also understand that Hashing involves the consumption of alcohol before, during and after each run. I acknowledge that Hashing is an inherently HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY and involves a significant risk of great bodily and physical injury and/or death. I also acknowledge that other persons or persons participating in the Hash House Harriers activities may endanger me by their conduct. I expressly assume all risks associated with participating in the Hash House Harriers without reservation or limitation. I agree to hold harmless and not hold legally responsible any and all persons, and not sue, or make any claim whatsoever, for any reason, including but not limited to the negligence of any party, the Hash House Harriers, any of its members or officers, any organizer of the Hash House Harriers, or any other person or persons, for any injury, including death, loss or damage to person or property, or any other consequence arising from my participation in the Hash House Harriers. I furthermore intend this waiver and agreement to specifically bind my heirs or assigns or any other person seeking to enforce or exercise any rights in conjunction with my participation in the Hash House Harriers. I understand that my participation in the Hash House Harriers is contingent upon my execution of this waiver and I hereby freely choose to participate with an understanding of all risks to my person or property.