Join us by the beautiful Strawberry Reservoir for a weekend of hashing and half-minded shenanigans August 23-25.

We will have shiggy trails, delicious Whoreman brewed beer, seltzer, and cider, fantastic meals, a boozy tent crawl, terrible karaoke, ridiculous OlympDicks, and many other opportunities to humiliate yourself!

Find rego form and payment links here:

Regos will not be finalized until the form has been completed and payment has been received


All times subject to adjustment due to civil unrest, natural disasters, and/or drunkenness


4:00pm- Site opens and check-in begins
5:00pm- Kegs tapped
6:00pm- Dinner served (Cuck, pulled pork)
7:00pm- Opening Circle
7:30pm- Tent Crawl Begins


8:00am- Breakfast served (Hammer)
10:00am- Trail Chalk Talk and Hares off
10:30am- Pack off
1:00pm- Lunch served
2:00pm- Trail Circle
3:00pm- OlympDicks Hosted by The Other Team Sucks
6:00pm- Dinner Served (Mirror)
Sometime after Dark-  Midnight Naked Trail


8:00am- Breakfast served
10:00am- Hangover Trail Chalk Talk and Hares off
10:30am- Pack off
12:00pm- Closing Circle
1:00pm- On-Out
3:00pm- Site must be clear

Rego Pricing and Policies:

Full Weekend Standard Rego Price:
May 5th – Aug 8th: $100.69

Full Weekend Irresponsible Planning Price:
Aug 8th – Aug 22nd: $115.69

Full Weekend Unplanned Rego at Event:
Aug 23rd: $130.69

Saturday-Only Rego Paid Ahead:
May 1st – August 22nd: $30.69

Saturday-Only Rego Cash at Event:
Aug 24th: $40.69

Visiting Hashers Cabin Lodging:
As space is available: $35 per person

Shared rooms, reserved with rego, not available to locals, we will contact you for payment if you get a space


  • Full Weekend Regos limited to 150 people
  • Saturday-Only Regos limited to 50 people
  • Full Weekend Regos include Camping, Meals, Beer/Cider/Seltzer, Trails, Tent Crawl, OlympDicks, Event patch, gimmies (as supplies last, in order of rego date)
  • Saturday-Only Regos include Lunch and Dinner on Saturday, Beer/Cider/Seltzer, Saturday Trails, OlympDicks, Event patch (as supplies last), and permission to stay the night to avoid driving inebriated (tent space if available, or you may sleep in your car or share space with another hasher in a tent who offers, does not apply to cabin space)
  • Regos can be refunded until Aug 8th.  Thereafter, they can be sold/gifted/traded among hashers.  Selling hasher must email with information of transfer and buying hasher must complete rego info on campout rego page.
  • Regos can be refused by Mismanagement for any reason or no reason.  We’re not going to be assholes, but we’re also not going to allow anyone to join us if their reputation indicates that THEY’RE highly likely to be assholes.
  • Mismanagement can an will eject anyone from the event who violates good hashing behavior.  Regos will not be refunded.  We will contact the police if merited by the offense, or if ejected hashers reuse to leave.
  • Everybody has the potential to get carried away and act foolish on occasion, and we’ll be patient when we can be without compromising the safe environment for others.  However, violence, intimidation, bullying, harassment, violation of the person or property of another hasher or a muggle, or any other predatory behavior would result in immediate ejection.  We’d toss your shit in the gutter and send you stumbling drunk along the highway to the next town without a second thought if you cross the line, but we sure hope you don’t.
  • We will have common bathrooms and showers in the cabin, available to all.  There will also be port-o-potties on the grounds if you don’t want to walk as far.  Please help us keep all of these facilities as pleasant as possible by cleaning up after yourself.
  • Help us reduce waste by bringing your own vessel and mess kit.  We will have a wash station available to keep those things clean.
  • Pack for fluctuating temperatures and conditions.  Days can commonly be in the 80-90s.  Bring Sunscreen.  Nights can get into the 50s with cold wind from the reservoir.  Bring warm clothes.  Our RAs are TERRIBLE at controlling the weather!

Who’s Cumming List